The match I could not play

Football is life. This may be just a sentence for some but for some others it’s true and I am one of them. Some people would laugh when I say football is in my veins but I don’t know how else I will explain the emotion. The minute I enter a football field I become an entirely different person. All my worries and problems would go off. Then all that matters is the beautiful game.

After the National Football Championship in late October, 2017 I have not played any official matches mainly because my parents wanted me to score well in my twelfth boards. During the vacations too I was not able to play mainly because of the NEET exam preparations. After that the Bangalore life made me so tired that I could not play the game on a daily bases. But still I found some time every week and played with the brothers at the seminary where I stay. But the lack of practice meant that my game went down. I wanted to get back to my best as soon as I could.

Then the Inter-Department Football Championship was announced at the college. I was excited. I was curious too because the tournament could not be conducted in our college as the construction of the new Commerce block and sports block were going on. But nothing stopped us from preparing a team list of the people who played football in our class. The list had 14 members and I thought it was enough. But then came the first blow to our plans. The tournament was a 4’s tournament that meant only four players could play at a time.
We had to cut down the fourteen-member list to a seven-member squad and had to decide who among us would play and who would not. The best four players of our team sat down and cut short the list. We knew some of the people whom we remove from the team would feel sad but there was no other way out of this. Out of the four members who would start the match, two were also the members of the College Fashion team.

We decided to take the tournament seriously. For one thing it was football and for another we wanted to make our class proud in front of others. We planned a practice session that evening and the two following evenings before the match.
One of the team members represented his state in the national football championship. I used to hear his stories whenever the topic of football was spoken about. That evening when we practiced I realized something. Either he had lost his touch because he had not been playing for quite a while now or he had been simply boasting of knowing to play football. Anyway, we practiced well and bound well as a team. The passes were coming correctly, and goals were being scored and that was all that mattered. After the practice we sat down and talked for some time and then went home.

The next day we practiced and the day after too. We were match ready and keen to play. On the previous day of the match, I went down and saw the other matches happening. The key was to keep on passing the ball and take shots at goal while you have the chance. I did not know how we were going to fare in the match. And finally, the day of the match arrived. That day I woke up early because I was anxious to play the game of football after a long time. I reached the college and checked the notice board for the schedule of the match. It was at 1:30 pm.

At 11 o clock that day morning we got the first unwelcome news. Salim and Himansh could not play because they had to go for a fashion team performance. Furthermore, our Sports Representative Imti was not present for the morning classes and I grew suspicious and doubtful whether he would come to play the match.

At 1:10, Imti had not come. I told the others that it was okay even if we lose but we would definitely play the match. We got ready and went to the Sports Complex here the match was held. At 1:30 some other match was being played and our class was not called. I went, and asked Sir and he gave us the shocking news. Our match had been re-scheduled to the previous day and it was put up in the WhatsApp group of the sports representatives and since we were not present, the opponent team was given a walk over.

All our dreams were shattered. We cursed Imti for not letting us know that the match was re-scheduled. But later he told us that the WhatsApp group was a new one and he was not a member of the group and that is the reason that he did not come to know about it. We cursed our fate and prayed to God to give us a chance to play at least the next year.


Christ Student commits suicide

A student studying in the much-reputed Christ University committed suicide on 21st September, 2017. The friends found the body of Achu Anto aged 19 hanging from the ceiling fan early morning on the 21st. Different newspapers reported the news in different ways.

The Indian Express reported the news as, “Christ varsity student commits suicide in his hostel room: A first year BCA student of the Christ University committed suicide by hanging in his hostel room, reportedly due to the academic pressure, on Wednesday. Achu Anto (19), hailed from Allepey in Kerala. His body was discovered by other students. His batchmates said he did not “like it here” from the start and the fact that he could not cope up with academics made the matters worse. One of his batchmates said, “During the past two weeks, Achu would joke about how he wanted his funeral to be. From his tone, we had no idea that he was thinking of suicide.” Anto’s friends added that he had googled for psychiatrists in the past two weeks, but had not visited one as per their knowledge. Anto is said to have left behind a suicide note, but details were not known. The college principal denied any knowledge about the incident.”

The Times of India reported the news but did not mention the name of the college. The news read, “BCA student found hanging in hostel: A 19-year -old BCA student allegedly committed suicide by hanging from the ceiling of his hostel room on Hosur Road, Mico Layout, southwest Bengaluru on Wednesday evening. Acchu Anto, who was from Kerala and first year bachelor of Computer Applications student with a private college on Hosur Road, has not left any suicide note, police said. Preliminary investigations revealed that Anto was depressed over his poor academics and police suspect he may have taken the extreme step for the same reason. “The incident came to light when other roommates found him hanging,” police added.

The Malayalam newspaper Malayala Manorama reported the news in a totally different way. It said, “Malayali Student died in bike accident in Bangalore: First year BCA student died in a bike accident in Bangalore. The student, Achu Anto (21) is the son of Anto Joseph. He was a student of Christ University Bangalore. His dead body will be cremated tomorrow morning at 10 at Kaithena Church. Mother: Kaineri Thevarkad Anu. Siblings: Aneeta, Abu.”

The news reporting has come to an all-time low these days. People with money decides what other people should know through the media and what people should not know. In places like Delhi, news relating to big political parties and business men are kept for auction and the highest bidder gets the full authority of the news and he decides what to do with it.

It is not the first time, the University in question have come up in the news. Earlier too students have committed suicide and tried to commit suicide due to academic pressure. The University hushes up the news with money and man power. Many suicide cases relating to the University have come up to the light following this incident.
The Malayalam newspaper reported the news as a bike accident not because they did not know how the student died. The boy’s body would not have been allowed to be cremated in the church if people knew that he had committed suicide. Churches don’t allow bodies of people who committed suicide to be cremated in the church cemetery.

One newspaper reports that the boy had written a suicide note and another newspaper reports that there was no suicide note. People does not know what or whom to believe and the situation has become so worse that people does not believe any of the newspapers. That does not mean that there are no newspapers reporting the news as it is. There are some and there will always be some swimming against the tide.

Bollywood star Sridevi passes away at 54

On 25th of February, the Indians awoke to the sad demise of the popular actress Sridevi. The intial reports suggested that she was found dead in the bath tub and she died due to Cardiac Arrest. The newspapers and media made the death of the actress the headline for three or four days, but one day later, the reason of death changed as the media reports came out that she died due to accidental drowning in the bath tub.

The BBC reported the news on 25th as follows,” Bollywood superstar Sridevi Kapoor has died of a heart attack, her family says. She was 54.: The actress simply known as Sridevi had been with her family in Dubai for her nephews wedding. She featured over five decades in almost 300 films, in classics like Mr. India, Chandni, ChaalBaaz and Sadma. She was considered one of the very few Indian female superstars capable of huge box office success without the support of a male hero.”

The news took another form the next day and the BBC news report said, “Bollywood star Sridevi Kapoor ‘drowned in hotel bath’: Superstar Bollywood actress Sridevi Kapoor died of accidental drowning, a Dubai post-mortem report has said. The 54-year-old actress, known simply as Sridevi, drowned in her hotel apartment’s bathtub following loss of consciousness, it says. It had earlier been reported that she died of cardiac arrest on Saturday while at a family wedding in Dubai. Bollywood stars, sporting giants and leading politicians have reacted with shock to her death.”

The mistake was not made by one newspaper or media channel, it was made by all of them. On the first day, the Times of India reported, “Sridevi passes away at 54 after a cardiac arrest in Dubai: Having a career which expanded for over four decades, Bollywood’s Veteran actress Sridevi passed away at the age of 54. The actor, wife of producer Boney Kapoor, died late in the night reportedly due to cardiac arrest in Dubai, where she had gone to attend her nephew Mohit Marwah’s wedding. Those expressive eyes and mischievous smile sent hearts aquiver and lit up the cinema screens, making Sridevi Bollywood’s first female superstar. In an impressive career, spanning five-decades, the actor ruled the commercial cinema space in the 80’s and 90’s like no other heroine had done before.”

The news took a twist and was reported the next day as, “Bollywood actor Sridevi died of accidental drowning in her hotel bathtub after losing consciousness, the Dubai government said today, giving a dramatic twist to her sudden death that has stunned legions of fans and industry colleagues. The Dubai government said in a tweet that the police have transferred the case to the “Dubai Public Prosecution” which will carry out regular legal procedures followed in such cases. “Following the completion of post mortem analysis, Dubai police headquarters today stated that the death of the Indian actress Sridevi occurred due to drowning in her hotel apartment’s bath tub following loss of consciousness,” the Dubai government’s media office said on Twitter. It is not clear what caused Sridevi, 54, to lose consciousness, and whether the initial report of her death due to cardiac arrest still holds. Her death, which was first reported at around 3am on Sunday in India, sent shock waves across the country with those who knew her at a loss to explain how she could have suffered cardiac arrest at such a young age.”

The twist in the news may have been because of the initial medical reports or may have been because the family did not want to tell the world the truth. But there is also another possibility. The medias could have published the first thing that came out of someone’s mouth. Today Journalists want easy and interesting news. The validity or the truth behind is not their concern. The just want to increase their rating. They are not ready to investigate, find the truth and then publish the news. The want it without hard work.

Sridevi’s body was then brought back and cremated with state honours. Yes, she has given important contributions to the entertainment industry. But there is a hidden question. Is it necessary for a person to be cremated with state honours if one lives a luxurious life, drinks alcohol, loses stepping or becomes unconscious due to alcohol, falls and drowns in a bath tub?

My favorite book

“What is your biggest dream”?

“My biggest dream is to become a caring, understanding and loving parent”.

This answer of mine has amazed many people. Maybe it’s because they wanted to hear what job I would take when I become big or maybe it’s because the answer itself. But that’s my biggest ambition. When I think how this came to my mind, many answers would pop into my mind. My parents were caring and loving, but sometimes I used to pray to God to make them a little more understanding and broad minded. Often, I used to see parents who were in another level and I used to crave for them. Of course, most of these were when I was young and immature. But some of those times I used to feel lonely and in one such situation I started reading “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”.

To be honest, the book took me to another world. The world of magic. Even though it was Harry Potter who got the letter to join Hogwarts, I joined along with him. Hogwarts became my home. It was like existing in two worlds at the same time. When the author described the great hall and the way the students walked through the centre, I imagined myself as one of them walking through the centre.
It increased my imagination and the way she describes each and everything in the book is just exquisite. For example, she describes how the ceiling of the great hall is bewitched to look like the night sky. I was lucky enough to see the films after reading the books. The movies are very good, but they don’t make you imagine things as the books do. I felt like growing up like Harry Potter.

I was so much addicted to it that I tried making my own wand and trying out different spells at people. I even tried to ride a broomstick which my grandmother used to clean the house. I read the books at great speed mainly because I was very curious to know what came next or what happened next.
When Dumbledore died in the sixth book, I found myself crying my lungs out. I could not take it in. I wondered how Harry would be able to defeat Voldermort without the help of Dumbledore. It took me two or three days to come of the sadness and continue reading the book.

In my class, I was one of the first few to read the Harry Potter Series. When I used to chant different spells, they used to tease and tell that I am mad. But only I knew how much I was addicted to the book and the characters in the book. But then they too read the book mainly because I asked them and then they too became addicted. We started gifting our friends Harry Potter merchandise as birthday gifts.

The story of Harry Potter took away my loneliness, but it was the story of the author J.K. Rowling which inspired me. She approached many publishers to get her book published. All of them sent her away. But she did not give up. She was determined to make Harry Potter known to the world. And finally, her persistence and determination paid off when Bloomsbury agreed to publish her book. In U.K., it was published as Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone and in U.S.A., it was published as Harry Potter and Sorceress Stone. Now it is the fifth-bestselling book in the world and has sold about 120 million copies.

The movies even though not as imaginative as the books were a great success. The way it was shot and presented captivated everyone’s heart. It’s true that a book cannot be completely made into a movie, but the tried their best to make it as good as possible. In the eighth the movie, the graphics is so good that I saw those scenes again and again.

The way the character Snape evolves through the series shows how excellently the author has planned the book. My favourite character in the entire series is Snape because he was always good but acted as he was bad. The way Alan Rickman portrayed the character of Severus Snape is also noteworthy. I hope the future generations also like the Harry Potter series and they too get captivated by the world of magic. I would definitely suggest this book to the young readers as its one of the best series ever written.